www.colorlines.com | by Sameer Rao • Published April 26, 2018 12:56PM EDT

"New Documentary Chronicles Indigenous Activist History"

“Warrior Women” follows Madonna Thunder Hawk and her daughter, Marcy Gilbert, as they engage with major Native American liberation movements. Read more...

www.povmagazine.com | by Chelsea Phillips-Carr • Published April 26th, 2018

Review: ‘Warrior Women’

In Warrior Women, history is told by the women who made it. Centered on Madonna Thunder Hawk, a Lakota activist with a decades-long career, the film shares discussions she has with her peers and her daughter as they reminisce on community organizing, politics, culture, and family. Their words, supplemented by archival footage, create the story of Indigenous activism by women. Read more...

www.womenandhollywood.com | by Sophie Willard  • Published April 27, 2018

Hot Docs 2018 Women Directors: Meet Christina D. King and Elizabeth A. Castle — “Warrior Women”

Christina D. King is a member of the Seminole Tribe of Oklahoma whose work across commercials, documentary, film, and television focuses on human rights issues, civic engagement through storytelling, and democratizing filmmaker opportunities for minority voices. She has produced “We The Animals,” “This May Be The Last Time,” “Capitalism: A Love Story,” and more. “Warrior Women” is her directorial debut.

Elizabeth A. Castle is a scholar, activist, and media maker, and the author of the book “Women were the Backbone, Men were the Jawbone: Native Women’s Activism in the Red Power Movement,” the research for which inspired “Warrior Women,” which is Castle’s directorial debut. Read more...